MRes Research Project



The aim of this module is to give a student the opportunity to work in a guided but independent fashion on an area of research related to the chosen pathway making use of the knowledge and skills acquired elsewhere in the programme.

This larger 120-credit project offers a student the opportunity to study a single topic in greater depth.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the module, students should have the systematic knowledge and critical understanding to:
● Plan a piece of original scientific research.
● Design and perform a coherent set of investigations to test a hypothesis.
● Present their work in the form of an oral presentation to a scientific audience and at an oral examination.
● Write their final report in the form of a manuscript that would be suitable for submission as a scientific publication.

An Integrated Approach to Function Annotation in the Histidine Phosphatase Superfamily

My MRes in Post-Genomic Science project involved using various bioinformatics techniques to functionally annotate members of the histidine phosphatase superfamily (Grade: Distinction).

Histidine Phosphatase Models