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CodeUp Chester - Storyhouse

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CodeUp Chester is a drop in and mentoring program for adults to learn how to code and programme.


● Post monthly events on
● Organise talks, guest speakers, workshops, visitors, sponsors & mobilise volunteers
● Assistance with social media to promote sessions & engage with potential audience
● Monitoring & responding to email:
● Admin of CodeUp Chester Slack Group
● Hand coded the mobile responsive CodeUp Chester Homepage

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Chester Devs

Chester Devs Logo

Chester Devs is a user group for programmers / developers in Chester who meet monthly to listen to talks from industry experts, share experiences and eat pizza (not language specific - most talks are methodology or technology based).

Events Attended:

  • Agile Software Architecture
  • Lightning Talks
    • PostSharp
    • Crypto Currencies
    • Programming Possibilities
    • React Native in Production
    • Multitasking: Why you should try to avoid it
    • Connascence
    • Reactive Extensions
    • Selling Django
    • Fast track to full stack in 3 months
    • ReactiveX for UI state management
    • Django Girls Chester
    • 3D geospatial visualisation using JavaScript
    • RoundhousE Database migration

Chester SEO & Digital Marketing Meetup

Chester SEO Craig Campbell


Craig Campbell

Andy Drinkwater

Michael Field

Events Attended:

  • SEO Advice & Tips
  • SEO Tools & What They Do (Andy Drinkwater)
  • Common Myths About CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation (Neal Cole)
  • Link Building (Mark Preston)
  • Different Types of Duplicate Content (Dawn Anderson)
  • White Hat & Black Hat Link Building (Craig Campbell)
  • The Things SEO's Don't Tell You (Andy Drinkwater)
  • Content Strategy (Ross Tavendale)
  • Marketing Automation (Craig Campbell)
  • Improving How Your Content Supports Non-brand SEO Performance (Rory Truesdale)
  • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages (Peter Nikolow)
  • Negative SEO & How To Spot It (Chris Grice)
  • SEO Tactics To Implement Tonight (Lukasz Zelezny)
  • Link Building Techniques (Milosz Krasinski)
  • SEMrush Tools (Fernando Angulo)

WordPress Liverpool

WordPress Liverpool

The WordPress Liverpool Meetup is a monthly meetup for web professionals or end users who interact with WordPress. A free, inclusive & open event held the first Thursday of the month in central Liverpool.

Events Attended:

  • The WordPress Liverpool Meetup & You (Dan Maby)
  • An exploration of WordPress child themes (Sue Fernandes)
  • Going to the dark side, they have cookies (Tim Nash)
  • Composer and WordPress (Tom Nowell)

Mersey Code

Mersey Code Logo

Merseycode is a developer community project to bring the Liverpool developer community together in a series of tech talks: hosted by Digital Design Labs at Liverpool Science Park.

Each event features a tech talk, a Q&A with the speaker, and some time for the conversation to continue with food and drink after.

Events Attended:

Building a Fast Website Against All Odds
Give Your Vision a Voice: How to develop an Amazon Alexa Skill

Chester Tech Meetup

Jbake: Static Site Generation On The JVM (Jonathan Bullock)