Christopher John Roberts

I was awarded a competitive bursary to fund a Bioinformatics research project at The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS)

Christopher John Roberts Genomics Bioinformatics Brachypodium

Building the Brachypodium – Poaceae Bridge: Anchoring Brachypodium Genomes to Rice Pseudomolecules

Wrote proposal for, and was awarded, Competitive Faculty of Science Walter Idris Jones Bursary

Completed a Bioinformatics Project: Anchoring Brachypodium Genomes to Rice Pseudomolecules Producing Heat Map Images

Critical approach to the collection, recording and evaluation of data

Analyse and present data and observations, and discuss these in relation to existing knowledge

Organized own work schedule to accomplish my research aim on time, working independently with touch base supervision sessions

Report/poster submitted to the Dean presenting my findings in an easy to follow format