Christopher John Roberts Digital Champion

I was trained as a Digital Champion for Get Online Wrexham Flintshire, part of an overall Digital Inclusion Strategy from the Welsh Government. My role was to help deliver sessions, teaching computer skills.

Get Online Wrexham Flintshire is a Communities 2.0 project funded by Welsh Government to increase internet use amongst local people. The project is delivered in partnership with FCC and FLVC in Flintshire, and WCBC and AVOW in Wrexham.

The aim of the project is to address the digital divide in Wales, supporting people to break down the barriers to engage them with technology, get online and make the most of the internet.

There are many benefits to using digital technology and those that do not have access to it, through lack of skills or lack of facilities, are digitally excluded. These people may have heard of the internet and other digital technologies, but, owing to a lack of opportunity, skills, confidence or simply inclination, they haven't experienced them first hand.

The project helps these people and organisations of Flintshire and Wrexham get more from technology and the web by helping people develop the basic skills needed to explore the internet, its networks and devices, and to appreciate how it could enrich their lives.

The Welsh Government Say:

"It is an agenda about people and improving their lives, being able to communicate more easily; getting goods more easily and for lower prices and about being able to access public services more easily. Digital inclusion is also about reducing social isolation. It is about people being able to benefit, both as citizens and consumers."